Saturday, January 31, 2015

After the Super Bowl

For years, the major networks that air the Super Bowl have used the time slot following the game to launch a promising new series or give greater exposure to an established one.  NBC will use the time this year for an episode of The Blacklist.  The exposure hasn't always worked.  Shows such as Extreme (a 1995 adventure series with James Brolin), The Last Precinct (a 1986 police sitcom starring Adam West) and The Good Life (a 1994 sitcom featuring Drew Carey, one year before his eponymous series debuted) all failed to connect with audiences.  The ones below did better.  Most of them, anyway.

All you need to do is match the series (listed below, alphabetically) to the episode of that series which aired in the coveted post-Super-Bowl time slot (listed further below, also alphabetically).  And if you're saying "Episode titles? I have no idea about episode titles!", just pay attention and use the clues.  I don't think this is really difficult if you know a little about the shows.

All in the Family
The New Perry Mason
The Office
The Simpsons
3rd Rock from the Sun
Undercover Boss

"Archie and the Super Bowl"
"The Case of the Tortured Titan"
"The Deductionist"
"Homer and Ned's Hail Mary Pass"
"The One After the Super Bowl"
"Shadow of the Hawke"
"Stress Relief"
"The Sue Sylvester Shuffle"
"36! 24! 36! Dick!"
"Waste Management"


Aaron Sica said...

"Archie and the Super Bowl" - All in the Family
"The Case of the Tortured Titan" - The New Perry Mason
"Homer and Ned's Hail Mary Pass" - The Simpsons
"The One after the Super Bowl" - Friends
"Waste Management" - Undercover Boss
"36! 24! 36! Dick" - 3rd Rock from the Sun
"Stress Relief" - The Office
"The Deductionist" - Elementary
"The Sue Sylvester Shuffle" - Glee
"Shadow of the Hawke" - Airwolf

Claudia said...

AirWolf "The Shadow of the Hawke"
All in the Family "Archie and the Super Bowl"
Elementary "The Deductionist"
Friends "The One After the Super Bowl"
Glee "The Sue Sylvester Shuffle"
The New Perry Mason "The Case of the Tortured Titan"
The Office "Stress Relief"
The Simpsons "Homer and Ned's Hail Mary Pass"
3rd Rock From the Sun "36!24!36! Dick!"
Undercover Boss "Waste Management"

Tim Lones said...

Got them all right--Not bad considering I never saw even one episode of half the shows..

Randy Hansen said...

The Wonder Years (ABC, 1988) and Family Guy (Fox, 1999) both premiered after their respective network Superbowl broadcasts those years, and they were big hits! The latter still is to this day! I hope this is relevant enough.