Thursday, January 29, 2015

What's the Connection?

What is the connection between all the images?
How many of them can you identify?
Why, specifically, does one picture appear twice? 
(No, it's not a mistake.)



TLEberle said...

I think Kristen Bell appears twice because her character name is Veronica Mars, and the show was set in the town of Neptune, both of which are situated in order from the Sun among the other pictures; though one of the pictures includes Pluto the dog, which means this question has been sitting in a time machine since 2006, which is just plain weird.

Benjyman said...

Veronica Mars was set in the town of Neptune Beach.

I'm glad that there is only one Uranus picture.

Matt said...

Yes, the connection was that each pair had planetary names. And yes, the last one was Pluto. I'm old. In my day, Pluto was a planet. Deal.

In order:
Mercury Morris of the Miami Dolphins
Freddie Mercury of the rock group Queen
Tennis star Venus Williams
Venus Fly Trap (Tim Reid) of WKRP in Cincinnati
Singer Bruno Mars
Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell) from the series of the same name.
The Jupiter II spacecraft from Lost In Space
Part of the poster for the current feature film Jupiter Ascending
Professional wrestler Perry Saturn (Congrats if you got that one!)
Logo for the Saturn brand of automobile
King Neptune from Spongebob Squarepants
Veronica again because her show is set in the fictional town of Neptune, California
Pluto Nash (Eddie Murphy) from his 2002 movie The Adventures of Pluto nash
Pluto, Michey Mouse's dog